Why Ƶ?

Ƶ is a leading educational institution committed to shaping future healthcare professionals like you.

Ƶ is your gateway to a comprehensive healthcare education, supported by dedicated faculty mentors, cutting-edge facilities, immersive clinical opportunities, and a specialized focus on One Health.

As a private institution with approximately 7,000 students, we take pride in offering a student-centered approach that focuses on your growth and success.

Day One Ready

Graduate "Day One Ready" to step into your career with the skills and confidence to overcome the challenges and embrace the opportunities of modern healthcare. And if additional training is your goal, your exposure to clinical scenarios early in your education puts you in a prime position when applying to elite residency programs.

One Health Focus 

Our One Health focus prepares you for leadership in your field by emphasizing interprofessional and team-based problem-solving skills. Understand the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health through curricula, interdisciplinary research opportunities, and community service.

Learn More Ƶ One Health At MWU

Your Success is Our Priority

At Ƶ, expect personalized attention, unique research opportunities, and a dedicated focus on you.

Technology Integration

Our commitment to technology integration ensures you are well-versed in the latest advancements, boosting your confidence to deliver effective care in today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. As a student, you’ll benefit from our cutting-edge, technology-rich labs and classrooms and the interaction with faculty experts who know how to leverage these tools for today’s healthcare environment.

And, our state-of-the-art simulation center gives you the ability to hone your clinical skills with simulated patients, guided by expert faculty, ensuring mastery in complex patient scenarios.

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CAREN machine on AZ Campus
The CAREN System on the AZ campus

Abundant Research Opportunities

As a student, you will have the opportunity to participate in unique research experiences that enrich your education. Ƶ invests in research to advance scientific knowledge and provides ample opportunities for you to work closely with faculty researchers on groundbreaking projects.

Research Lab

Comprehensive Simulation Centers on both campuses

At the Ƶ Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, learners have a safe environment in which to learn and practice their skills.

Students in the simulation center
Students working with simulation mannequins

We Offer Real-World Clinical Experience

You will gain hands-on experience at top facilities and clinical sites that prepare you for the opportunities and challenges of healthcare practice.

Clinical Training Opportunities

Our own Community Clinics provide practical training in a supportive environment, allowing you to engage with diverse patient populations.

Dr. and patient in the AZ EI Clinic

We Invest in Your Success

Ƶ invests in your success through tutoring, mentorship programs, recreational and wellness opportunities, technical support, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Centrally Located Wellness Centers

Take a study break, participate in a wide variety of intramural sports, connect with a hobby, or get your heart rate up at the Recreation Center.

Exterior of Wellness Center
Wellness Recreation Hall

You'll Expand Your Networking Opportunities

With more than 20 healthcare degrees in various fields, Ƶ provides a platform for students to interact and learn about different healthcare professions. This exposure enriches your professional skills by helping you understand the full scope of patients you will work with.

Safe and Engaging Campuses

Study and live comfortably on our beautiful campuses in Illinois and Arizona, where you can enjoy the safety of the suburbs while being close to the city. You’ll also benefit from numerous student activities, clubs, professional organizations, and community service opportunities that provide a well-rounded academic and social experience.

Ƶ: Where Your Future in Healthcare Begins

Join the ranks of successful healthcare practitioners who have benefited from the Ƶ experience. Countless professionals, including those you respect, have chosen MWU as their alma mater, attesting to the quality education and preparation they received. Ask your doctor or veterinarian about Ƶ, and chances are, they, or someone they know and respect, is a MWU graduate.